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Hackers accessing video surveillance

Hackers... yes it’s been a concern for a while and we should know enough to speak to an CIO in a better way than we have the same level of protection as the top banks. (wanting to know how hackers actually get into cameras click here )

On a residential level I see this as an opportunity. I bet you many over the age of 50 would be interested in a $100-200 monthly service to have a younger more tech savvy "professional" come over to their house for an hour or two and just answer all their IT questions. In fact I have an old alarm customer that pays me for this service now. The questions are always easy and they enjoy knowing that they can give me a list of questions or tasks and they don’t have to trouble their own kids with the questions.

On the business side, companies are moving more away from a mode of

CSO and more to a CISO. There is a reason why people don’t rob banks by gun point anymore. If we don’t start educating our industry we are going to wake up one day to some really upset customers.

Speaking of which have you seen these?

Now ask yourself two questions.

Who was the last customer you sold a prox reader too?

How many customers do you have out in the world that have prox readers currently?

This conversation is going to be on the doorstep of a lot of dealers very soon….

Just my two cents hope it was useful.

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